Beautiful & Reimagined Movie Posters

>> Inspiration
By Alex Black
Jan 15 2013

To give you some inspiration for any poster design projects that you’re working on,
we’ve brought together a showcase of beautifully creative, stylish and stunningly designed reimagined movie posters.

Creative & Inspiring Album Art

>> Inspiration
By Dan Robinson
Sep 03 2012

Check out the collection of inspiring, brilliantly designed and creative album artwork that captures the mood of the music and the personality of the band beautifully.
We hope you find this collection useful for your next album artwork design project.

New Artjunks Logo & Collective Chapter

>> News
By g3niuz
Jul 28 2012

Maybe you have seen on our Facebook-Page already.

Yes, we have a new Logo
(Thanks again to Filip Komorowski ;))

Aditionally we are working hard on releasing a new Artjunks Collective Chapter in October 2012.
If you haven’t seen yet take a look here

Do you know someone who need be be shown in …

A Showcase of Highly Creative Print Ads

>> Inspiration
By Juleit Pena
Jul 21 2012

Oh yes – big ideas, stunning visuals and striking wordplay are par for the course on billboards and print ads these days,
so it’s about time we recognised the work, creativity and ground-breaking design skills that go into them.

Fresh Digital Art by Leonardo Dentico

>> Inspiration
By g3niuz
Jul 13 2012

Leonardo Dentico is an Italian Illustrator,Matte-painter and photo manipulator,based in Rome.
Back in 2010 we posted our first Case-Study called Medusa – Created by Leonardo Dentico.
Today we would like to show you some new art from our man Leonardo.

A Showcase of Beautifully Designed Posters

>> Inspiration
By Alex Black
Jul 11 2012

When you’re designing a poster there is always constraints.
Corporate colour palettes to follow, essential information to communicate and brand personality are all defining elements which you have to bear in mind.
That is not to say that your creativity should be held back.
Here is a collection of posters that are both effective and at the same time undeniably beautiful.