The amazing thing about design is that it can be so broad. There can be thousands, maybe millions of ways to design something and each design can evoke different ideas and thoughts. Movie posters are a great way of showing this – a film usually comprises multiple characters, plot points, scenes and settings and so – when you’re designing a movie poster – there’s almost a limitless number of directions you can go in. You could focus on one scene in particular, or on one character or try to encompass the entire mood of the film in one striking, visual image. That’s why it’s so interesting to see how different designers would approach creating a film poster.

Because of the lack of focus and the ability to go in any direction, it can be incredibly challenging to design a film poster (especially at first when you’re facing a blank canvas). To help show off how other people have approached this problem, and to give you some inspiration for any poster design projects that you’re working on, we’ve brought together a showcase of beautifully creative, stylish and stunningly designed reimagined movie posters.

Return of the Jedi


Monsters Inc


Avengers Assemble


Captain America

The Dark Knight Rises

Big Fish

The Evil Dead


The Prestige

Midnight in Paris

Kill Bill

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Have you found any creative, visually stunning redesigned movie posters that you think deserve a mention? Please do let us know in the comments.