Time for some streetart.
Filip Komorowski shows us how to create a fresh throw up graffiti in Inkscape.
This shown vector effects could be easily done in every other vector program as well.

Final Image

1.) Sketch

Sketch is the first step. Usually I make rough sketches with just the main features of the project. Details,proportions and exact shape of the object will probably change few times and the final artwork will vary from the sketch.

2.) Basic Shape

Using the pen tool I create shapes of letters. Many letters are assembled from a few elements. It helps set proportions and space between letters.

3.) Outline

Next step is adding the outline. After adjusting the right size of stroke – I turn it to as object and set on the layer below the main shape.

4.) 3D Stroke

3D stroke effect is simply a duplicated outline. I set it in some direction above main the letters and combine it into one shape with the outline. After this I’m smoothing the curves and filling empty spaces.

5.) Inner Shade

I do inner shades in a simple way. At first duplicate the main letters. With rectangle tool I create a shape which would be useful in cutting away in part of letters. Then I duplicate this element and add stroke which I turn to object and cut it away from shade element. At the end I add some smoothness to the shape.

6.) Highlights

Adding highlights is simple phase. I’ve drawn 2 elements: one for P letters which vary only with size and second for other letters which vary with scale and direction.

7.) Details

Project is nearly done. For the details I’ve added a paint drop and shade on lower F.

8.) Shadow

Adding the shadow is the final step. Shadow is just a duplicated stroke set below all layers.

This Tutorial was written by Filip Komorowski

Be sure to check out his Behance Portfolio