Before the digital age typography was a specialist occupation performed by typesetters. Today, it appears ink costs and paper sizes produce limitations for designers. The fast paced digital age has allowed designers from all walks of life to experiment and produce highly creative logo designs.

Creative logos do not need to be made with pictures; a typographic logo has a unique and intricate effect which expresses the nature of your company beautifully. Most typographic logos are used to represent big brand names such as Coca-Cola and IBM

In order to demonstrate the best typographical design it’s important to keep the number of elements to a minimum. Using one or two typefaces with single colour design will keep the logo unified. Changing the text size, bolding and italicising the font will add emphasis. This type of emphasis can influence a viewer’s response emotionally; great typography can literally stick in the mind of the viewer and helps to increase the number of people who return back to the brand/website.

A typography logo is quirky, has great impact and displays creativity. A typography logo does not need to be complicated; in fact a simple design is often the most memorable. The showcase below reveals how beautiful typography logos are and how they can create a lasting impact.

HE – by Harvey Esparcia

Onwine –  by Piotr Chrobot

Hair Logo of Chickenbrainken – by Chickenbrainken

Black Dog – by Carlove

Chat Noir – by Pop Andrei

UP – by Muamer Adilovic

Negative Reality – by Dalius Stuoka

Mummy – by Hemisferiod

HES Happy Elephant Shop – by OMAC

Fat Slab – by LogoYeah

The Unit – by Fnkfrsh

Flagman – by Rombo

Wende – by AlexWende

54mc – by Yaroslav

LIT – by Todd Fooshee