Typography often speaks for itself; this is a never ending form of art, a series of fonts and styles. Since the birth of movable type printing, it appears typography has become more and more popular.

Vintage typography takes us back to a time when we were less dependent on technology and more on talent and technique. This nostalgia reminds us of how far we have come and how much the application of typography as evolved.

The art of typography has been a great design tool that has helped to uncover elegant and timeless type. This style is still very much used today, its echo’s values from the past by revisiting themes and paying close attention to vintage elements.

Iconic Features

Vintage style typography in modern logo design gives any brand a true authentic feel, since the vintage style remind us of the golden ages it represents an element of trust. Modern logo designs use vintage typography with clever layouts and concepts. Here are a few iconic features:

Illustrations and shapes: The use of diamonds, circles, hexagons are very common in vintage logo design. Usually paired with a vintage car, bottles etc.

Colour Schemes: Vintage logos often use neutral colour schemes, from beiges to soft blues.

Typography: This is a vital part of any logo design. It’s the foundation of a vintage logo. Make sure you use fonts that make a statement. Experiment with different styles.

Borders: Borders give a vintage logo an official look; they give the viewer a focal point. Many designers replace borders with ribbons which have the same effect.

Patterns and Textures: Vintage logos are designed to make noise. The best way to create this is to add texture and patterns in the background. From textured lines, to a grainy look vintage logos must feature this in order to add to the experience.


With the arrival of so many new typefaces and ways to create font, it’s never been so easy to get more and more designers are starting to use and respect the old vintage design, looking back its easy to understand why this design trend and stood the test of time and is still popular amongst the design community today.

We’ve brought together a showcase of beautifully creative, stylish and stunningly designed vintage typography logos for your design inspiration.

Tom Lane – Hook & Irons Co. – Logo Sketch

Hook & Irons Co. – Logo Sketch

Monsters Inc


Avengers Assemble


Captain America

The Dark Knight Rises

Big Fish

The Evil Dead


The Prestige

Midnight in Paris

Kill Bill

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Evil Dead


The Prestige

Midnight in Paris

Kill Bill

Have you found any creative, visually stunning redesigned movie posters that you think deserve a mention?

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